Signature Cakes Taster Box

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Signature Cakes Taster Box
  1. Chamomile Honey x 1
  2. Sakura x 1
  3. Kyoto's Dream (Matcha Raspberry) x 1
  4. Blue Fairy x 1

Chamomile Honey

The perfect embodiment of spring, the Chamomile Honey features a highly floral sponge cake imbued with finely ground chamomile flowers, and topped with whipped cream (flown in all the way from France). Accented with fondant bees and white chocolate honeycomb, drizzle the honey from the pipette before you dig in to be instantly frolicking in a chamomile meadow. Main ingredients: Blended chamomile, dairy cream, white chocolate, honey, eggs.


For the quintessential Japanese Hanami experience, the ‘Sakura’ is a perfect blend of looks and taste. The base is a smooth yoghurt mousse generously impregnated with cherries. This beautiful ensemble is then topped with dainty pickled cherry blossom. The slight hint of savouriness from the Sakura pickle gives every mouthful a delightful and refreshing twist. Main ingredients: Sakura (pickled cherry blossom), cherries, yoghurt, dairy cream.

Kyoto's Dream

This entremet features the mix of Matcha and raspberries. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, they help your body get rid of free radicals and harmful toxins. The vibrant colour comes from the high level of Chlorophyll, a powerful polyphenol found in Matcha. Can’t imagine how it tastes? Try now and be surprised. Main ingredients: Uji Matcha air-flown from Japan, raspberries, dairy cream, biscuits. 

Blue Fairy

The natural blue colouring is extracted from Butterfly Pea Flower, also known as Bunga Telang.

The taste of the flower can be described as "earthy", and similar to the flavour of unsweetened green tea. It pairs well with this smooth and creamy cheesecake. Apart from that, a secret ingredient is used in the recipe to surprise your taste buds. Take a wild guess while tasting it! Main ingredients: Cream cheese, Graham biscuits, butterfly pea flower, (secret ingredient).

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