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Sakura Cherry Yoghurt Cake

M Cake Boutique

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Sakura Cherry Yoghurt Cake - M Cake Boutique
Sakura Cherry Yoghurt Cake - M Cake Boutique
Sakura Cherry Yoghurt Cake - M Cake Boutique
Sakura Cherry Yoghurt Cake - M Cake Boutique

For the quintessential Japanese Hanami experience, the ‘Sakura’ is a perfect blend of looks and taste. The base is a smooth yoghurt mousse generously impregnated with cherries. This beautiful ensemble is then topped with dainty pickled cherry blossom. The slight hint of savouriness from the Sakura pickle gives every mouthful a delightful and refreshing twist. This yoghurt cake is a real crowd-pleaser! Get it for your next get-together, I promise you’ll love it!

Main ingredients: Flour, eggs, butter, sugar, Sakura (pickled cherry blossom), cherries, yoghurt, dairy cream, milk, gelatine.

Very important/ must read note: The cake is made with fresh Yoghurt, it is normal if you see liquid at the side of the cake. The liquid that separates out from the yogurt is called whey. And it is completely normal for the whey to separate out from the “solid” yogurt. When yogurt is made (both regular yogurt and Greek yogurt), milk is mixed with special bacterial cultures. When those bacteria ferment the milk, we get yogurt. Hooray, science! After the bacteria ferment milk into yogurt, we are also left with some liquid whey. Whey has a lot of protein, and also has some calcium, Vitamin D, and lots of Vitamin B. It’s good stuff! Part of the yogurt-making process is to strain the whey off the solid yogurt. But not all of the whey is removed. And while the yogurt cake was made and reaches to you, the whey will keep separating from the yogurt. We use gelatine helps to slow down the separation process, but doesn’t stop it completely. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Nicole Yee

Delicious cake


Sakura Cherry Yoghurt Cake

Nice 1 both taste and looks

Ordered for a friend's birthday. She was delighted with the taste and the looks! happy buying! thanks to M Cake boutique team!

not sweet & yummy

the yogurt was yummy.. not sweet anymore.

Elaine Lim
Yummy & pretty Sakura cake 😍😍😍

The cake is really pretty and yummy. First cake that my family ever finished on the same night even after full feast of dinner for my mom’s bday 😂 my mom had second helping too 😍
Need to improve on the pick up experience in the outlet as there’s completely no sign where to knock/enquire when reach for pick up. Yes mentioned briefly to call but no one pick up 😅
Slight glitch but once u see n taste the cake, it’s all good 👍🏻 😍

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