Mini Momoyama Mooncake Delivery Malaysia

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Mooncake - Ginger Red Dates Filling with Momoyama Skin
Mooncake - Matcha and red bean filling with momoyama skin
Mooncake - Red Bean Filling with Pumpkin Momoyama Skin
Mooncake - Low Sugar Black Sesame Filling and Melon Seed with Momoyama skin
Mooncake (Momoyama skin)
Mooncake delivery
Mooncake delivery malaysia
Mooncake - Natural Colour - Momoyama Skin

• I’m not Snow Skin • 我不是冰皮 • 桃山皮 

• No Artificial Colouring • 我不含人造色素 •

The Momoyama, introducing hereby, the mouthwatering Taoshan skin mooncake family comprising:

  1. Yellow: Pumpkin Taoshan skin with low-sugar red bean filling
  2. Green: Uji Matcha Taoshan skin with low-sugar Uji Matcha lotus and red bean filling duet
  3. Red: Red wine Taoshan skin with Ginger, red dates and dried longan filling
  4. Purple: Purple sweet potato Taoshan skin with low-sugar black sesame and melon seeds

About Taoshan Skin
Taoshan skin originates from Taoshan, Japan (yes, it was airflown to Malaysia!) and is made from white bean, egg yolk, carotene, butter and other ingredients. Its taste is exquisite, and the Taoshan skin completely transforms the more traditional mooncake skin made of wheat flour. Colourful (yet free of artificial colouring) with a smooth texture and leaving behind a trail of pleasant aftertaste, it also gives our mooncakes a light milky fragrance. The encapsulating charm of Taoshan skin is sure to whet your discerning taste buds!

Net content: 50g± per piece
Diameter: 4.7cm
Production: handmade, free of artificial colouring, chemical additives, and preservatives.
Outer package size: 16cm x 16cm x 6cm
Storage recommendation: Store in a cool, dry place, away from high temperatures, refrigerate (but not for too long!) to extend shelf life
Consumption recommendation: A perfect blend with Chinese tea of choice, to be consumed as soon as it is opened.


  1. 黄色小月饼:南瓜桃山皮+低糖红豆沙
  2. 绿色小月饼:抹茶桃山皮+低糖宇治抹茶莲蓉+低糖红豆沙心
  3. 红色小月饼:红酒桃山皮+老姜桂圆蓉
  4. 紫色小月饼:紫薯桃山皮+低糖黑芝麻+瓜子



外包装尺寸:16cm x 16cm x 6cm