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Blue Fairy Cheesecake

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Blue Fairy Cheesecake comes in single portion
Velvety smooth cheesecake melts in your mouth
Blue Fairy Cheesecake decorated with macaron, blueberry and jelly.
Sliced surfaced of the blue fairy cheesecake


Photograph courtesy of @thehappcafe

Note: This cake is eggless, suitable for vegetarian.

The natural blue colouring is extracted from Butterfly Pea Flower, also known as Bunga Telang.

The taste of the flower can be described as "earthy", and similar to the flavour of unsweetened green tea. It pairs well with this smooth and creamy cheesecake. Apart from that, a secret ingredient is used in the recipe to surprise your taste buds. Take a wild guess while tasting it!

Main ingredients: Cream cheese, Graham biscuits, butterfly pea flower, (secret ingredient).


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