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Best Birthday Cakes Ideas For Girls in Malaysia

Le Cheng Yo

A birthday party or celebration will not be complete without a birthday cake. Today we can find numerous birthday cake ideas and some can even go beyond your imagination. There are plenty of themes, favourite characters to depict in icing, and don't forget about the need for bright colours and edible sparkle.

The type of birthday cake depends on the person’s personality and character. We always want to best match the birthday cake with the individual who is going to turn one year older. For girls, their birthday cakes can be different.

If you are planning a birthday party for your daughter, cousin, niece or friend, we all know that without a cake the birthday girl will not be happy. If your little girl likes princesses, superheroes, and everything in between, here are the best birthday cake ideas for girls in Malaysia:

11 Best Birthday Cakes Ideas For Girls

1. Ice Cream Cake

Credit: FreshMommyBlog

Children love ice cream! When an ice cream turns into a whole piece of cake, not only the birthday girl who will be delighted, the other guests will be happy with what they are about to eat. 

In Malaysian hot weather, having a good ice cream cake would please every little girl. Let the sprinkles and decorations go wild! You are also free to pick their favourite ice cream flavour and colour. And don’t forget to use your girl’s favourite colours to suit their style.

2. Honey Bee Sponge Cake


You can surprise your little one with a cutely-decorated honey sponge cake by M Cake Boutique. This cake fits the ideal representation of spring, the Chamomile Honey features a highly floral sponge cake imbued with finely ground chamomile flowers and finished with whipped cream on top.

The cake is beautifully decorated with fondant bees and white chocolate honeycomb, drizzle the honey from the pipette until you dig in to be immediately in a chamomile meadow. Make your order for this cake here.

3. Hidden Sweet Surprise Cake


It is called a hidden sweet surprise cake for a reason. This is not the typical cake you often see at birthday parties back in the days. Many people have started to opt for this type of cake for girls. How does it work? Once the cake is cut, you will see a bundle of sweet surprises hidden inside the cake as it will all flow out of the cake.

All little kids love surprises, and a way to carry on a full birthday is to bring a surprise element to your cake. A secret surprise cake is much simpler than you would imagine and when the first slice is cut you will have a whole lot of delighted party-goers vibes (but for kids). This cake is perfect for girls who like candies or chocolate. 

(P.S: you might want to be more creative and try to add various kinds of sweets).

4. Number, Alphabet or Letter Cake


This customised cake has been on trending since 2-3 years ago. Many people would go for this number, alphabet or letter cake to represent the person who is celebrating the birthday. It can be the letter of their names or number of their age. For little girls, this cake will be a symbol for them to remember forever.

It can be of any flavours and colours, but the one that we would recommend is a vanilla flavoured cake with a hint of rose, sandwiched with lychee and patisserie cream. Yummy! You may order this monogram cake at M Cake Boutique here.

5. Rainbow Layer Cake

Children love colours! There should be at least one occasion where you must serve a rainbow layer cake as the main dessert. The most suitable occasion is your little girl’s birthday party. These bright rainbow colours layered in a cake would make children go excited.

You can have the cake decorated as your wish, but the inside remains as colourful and tasty. The birthday girl will definitely love it!

6. Character Cake

If your girl is a fan of one of the popular cartoon characters, well it’s time to make her craft the biggest smile on her face with her favourite character cake. Admit it, at some point you're unlikely to be able to avoid the demands for a particular character-themed cake.

This can be hard; only experts can properly create this kind of cake. Before you worry about making sculptures out of moulding icing, though, just get imaginative with a small collection of figures. Whether your child likes Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, Trolls or Shrek, just make sure the cake comes out and looks amazing.

7. Unicorn Cake

Unleash your girl’s unicorn mania by surprising her with a unicorn birthday cake. A sweet, unicorn pastel cake would melt the heart of any little girl. The gold detail makes this girl's birthday cake really one for the books.

You can also set the theme of the party as unicorn as possible. Get unicorn party supplies like unicorn balloons, unicorn dolls, unicorn cupcake and unicorn plates.

8. Mermaid Cake

Birthdays were all about creating a sense of wonder and what could be more fun than a mermaid birthday cake? Drawing inspiration from such ancient sea creatures, talented bakers can create such beautifully spectacular and tasty pieces of art that are so beautiful you do not want to put your knife into them.

Such cakes are the ideal way to celebrate the beautiful mermaid in your life with icing in blues, greens, pinks and purples, dazzling scalloping and extra touches of glitter.

9. Pinata Smash Cake


Who doesn't love to find hidden treasure especially when it comes to cakes and sweets!

Another way of adding the wow factor to the birthday cake is to go for a pretty easy cake and cover it all under a dome of chocolates. The birthday girl will be presented with a small hammer, gets to break the shell to expose the cascade of sweets contained inside.

10. Princess Castle Cake

Everywhere the parents will seek to build a fairytale princess castle out of a cake at some point. If your little girl likes princesses, a castle must be built, but this time around, an edible castle. 

Like many other cakes, the sweetness of the cake must be kept along with the pastel-coloured fondant to match the princess castle look.

11. Art and Craft Birthday Cake

Credit: ShamsD

Kids and crafts tend to go together with colour, glitter and glue, but for their birthday, you can make them all edible as a cake. Select an art and craft birthday cake for a party that can make the celebrant, as well as the guests to enjoy the cake.

Be creative! You can put any stationary tools, colour pencils, paints or anything else related to art and craft on top of the cake so that the cake looks creative and attractive.

Interested in getting a special cake for your little girl? M Cake Boutique specialises in custom-made cakes using the finest ingredients delivered to your doorstep. Please contact M Cake Boutique at or 012-3123119.

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